Kyoto, a couple of days from now

Two events are planed for this coming Sunday. See this:

The letter is addressed to a labor organization called Union Extasy and is signed by two board members of the University of Kyoto. The latter are threatening to suppress an ongoing occupation of one part of the campus by the former. They say they'll do it Sunday. The union says they won't back down.

The location (zoom in if you can):


On the other hand, a friend of mine, with others, is organising a festival at the exact same place on the same day. She says people will come; they'll sing; they'll speak; they'll exchange questions; they'll eat; they'll scream; they'll go convivial.

I'm not a prophet, so I don't know which will actually take place, the suppression or the festival. Maybe they'll happen concurrently. I'm not sure. But my nightmarish guess is this: the festival will take place on Sunday undisturbed; the suppression follows the morning after.

If that's what will have happened, what could I do to intervene? I really don't know the answer. I'm confused. I wonder what advice Kitaro Nishida would offer me.

The University of Kyoto's got a law school. I'd suggest the Board members' checking with them first before they do anything. Additionally, some of the tenuared faculty members deserve true respect for what they are doing for the people of Gaza; I hope they'll also do something for the people of Kyoto, the people they use every day.

p.s. 2
I forgot to include some information. The union has a postal address, a bank account, and a YouTube account in addition to their courage and sense of humor:

Union Extasy
Village of the Axed
Camphor Tree, Clock Tower
University of Kyoto
Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto City 606-8317

京都中央信用金庫 百万遍支店
0955268 ユニオンエクスタシー


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