The Death of a Ghanaian: a Minor Update

After a rally and march against the exclusion of Korean schools from the "tuition-free" policy today, I talked with a freelance journalist. According to his sources, the Ghanaian who died after having been "restrained" by immigration officers at Narita on March 22 had been living in Japan for about 20 years; he also might have filed a lawsuit for his stay a few years ago. This information is not based on my own research, and I cannot confirm it, but it's good to know there's a journalist interested in this case, so I thought maybe I should share it with those who care about him. He also suggested this sort of thing tends to get lost in the dark without proper investigation in this country, so I think an international pressure would be vital. Has this incident been reported in a foreign newspaper? If so, please let me know, and I'll inform the Japanese corporate media as well as that freelance journalist and human rights organizations.


Anonymous said...

so this ghanaian was living in japan for 20yrs?wants to know the cause of death

maxjoe66 said...

I wanna know why?

Mass said...

Thanks everybody, It's true that he is been living in japan for nearly 20years now. Yes his current wife has been his girlfriend for nearly 15 years before being arrested for overstaying his VISA.So she had to marry him in order to have him released and issue a MARRIED VISA.
This is where the problem started with the immigration ,
From. MASS

Yujiro Tsuneno said...

Hi Mass,

Thank you for sharing the information. I participated in a protest against the Immigration and the Ministry of Justice yesterday: http://pinkydra.exblog.jp/12403745/

I heard there was a Ghanaian present there, although I missed a chance to talk with him.

I patiently look forward to hearing more from you on this case.

Anonymous said...

watch out for the biggest demo which will be held in tokyo soon by the africa community in japan.this is in soriderity with the ghanaian who died inthe hands of the immigration authority.


Yujiro Tsuneno said...

Hi Max,

Thanks for sharing the information. I look forward to hearing more from you. I live in Tokyo, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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