Protest against the Immigration Bureau of Japan and the Ministry of Justice

I participated in a protest, organized by Pinkydragon, in front of a detention facility in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and later the Ministry of Justice yesterday. As Minoru Matsutani of The Japan Times reports, various nationals were present, calling against prolonged detention, poor health conditions inside (one doctor for as many as 700 detainees), and suppression of the hunger strike participants at the West Japan Immigration Control Center, among other things. We also demanded thorough investigation on the cause of the death of a Ghanaian aboard flight MS965 at Narita during forced deportation on March 22. I heard there was a Ghanaian present at the protest in Shinagawa, although I missed a chance to talk with him as I arrived late.

I'd like to thank everyone who posted comments about the Ghanaian death. I translated them into Japanese here.

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